Update & Volunteers:


It is with thankfulness that I can announce that our lovely Church will be reopening on the week beginning Tuesday 18th August at 10am. Once again, a big thank you to our volunteers who are making this possible. We will be open for four Masses per week, initially. The times are:

Tuesday: 10am.

Thursday 6.30pm.

Saturday 6.30pm.

Sunday 10.30am

It is important to understand that the Church will be open for Mass for only a limited number of people. Sunday obligation is still suspended and there will be several Masses across the week. Please attend at different times, as not all will be able to attend on Sundays. If you are not working during the week, please attend then. Attendance will need to be booked by phone and only those who have booked will be able to attend. Bookings will be strictly first come first served. Please email olscsecretary@outlook.com  or ring the office between the hours 10-12am Mondays and Thursdays: 01661 832298 Contact details will be necessary for all attendees. Face masks will be obligatory according to Government rules. Mass will be shorter than usual, with no singing and all leaflets/bulletins will need to be taken home. Holy Communion will take place at the end of Mass and parishioners will exit by side door immediately afterwards. Please pass this information on to those who may not have access to the internet. Those people who are still in the extremely vulnerable category must not attend Mass. Mass will continue to be broadcast, further details later.

Volunteers: training this Sunday 4pm. Deep Cleaning of Church Saturday 15th August. 10am.

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